Location: Benin , Nigeria
Client: Club Rave Management
Architect: Tevavid Architects
Club Rave, Benin
Project club Rave, designed by TEVAVID architects. The lighting box steel constructed structure was completed in 2021 after 6 months of construction. The architectural masterpiece has proven to not just be a landmark in the city of Benin after its completion but has also become an iconic building when it comes to the social life of the people of Benin city.
The concept of the design was simply light, we decided to make use of LED lights on the wall of the building to make the building come alive at night and also make it have an appealing and attractive feel during the day. The use of steel came in very handy in the construction of this project as we provided our client with the opportunity to dismantle the building and relocate it whenever the need arises.
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