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Your Building
We are always happy and enthusiastic to give you creative solutions to your designs.
Why Should You Choose Us?
We will work with you on your project, large or small together we will fine-tune your project to give the best results.
We have extensive experience in the business, our lengthy portfolio includes projects like residential homes, commercial complexes, restaurants, office spaces, convenience stores etc.
We offer competitive pricing, choosing one of the best design and construction companies in the region means that you will benefit from top services that are also affordable.
Our specialization
01ArchitecturePeople dream about what they want their homes and business centres to look like. They see it as a very bold step in investing in homes and businesses, we also see it as a very important step, that is why we provide you with sophisticated and economically considered options when providing you with residential and commercial architectural designs.
02Interior DesignLiving in a well-arranged and comfortable interior space is something that humans look forward to. We take time to give you a sophisticated and comfortable space that always feels homey and welcoming.
03LandscapeTrees and plants provide excellent quality of air and scenery to your compounds and outdoor spaces, you can trust TEVAVID to make the best choices in the approach that is taken to give a perfect outdoor space.
04ConsultingOur extensive knowledge from seasoned and experienced architects with over 30 years of experience in the field, puts us at the forefront of this business. We give the best advice on projects and how to tackle issues generated during the design and construction stages of any project.
Our Progress
Conceptualisation is the foundation stage of any project, we take every detail given by the client into consideration. We sort out ideas from around the world and create an end user-centred design.
After getting the concept for a project, we move into the design development stage, here we design the project in the best way in which the project would suit the initial concept and be aesthetically pleasing to the end-users.
The construction stage is a very delicate stage of any project, for this stage expertise is needed and the dedication and concentration of the contractor and workers are very important. You can trust TEVAVID when it comes to delivering projects with precision and perfection according to design.
We are very confident in our delivered projects that we go-ahead to provide guarantees for projects at the handover of projects to clients. Try us today!